Sunday Food Preparation

Spent most of Sunday, 12 hours, making dog food.  Since sirloin was cheaper than stewing beef I used it and combined it with green tripe, liver, eggs, beans, broccoli, wild blueberries, spinach, chicken and Brussel Sprouts (apparently the B is capitalized, I looked it up).  It was surprisingly tiring, I'm glad my full-time job (university lecturer) is less strenuous. I now have a deep freeze full of 8 oz tubs (small dog owners prefer them and so does my mother in law who feeds Toby, my Westie).


Someone told me their vet recommended a $170 bag of kibble over fresh raw dog food.  I don't know the vet or the brand of kibble but I think we need to look at the reality that vets make a lot of their money through product sales and are not impartial. It's amazing to me that someone really thinks a highly processed product that doesn't even need to be refrigerated (I would love to see the meat products that they actually add to this, likely the waste from a meat processing plant that goes for dog food or fertilizer).  The point of NRDF is old school, we're just saying that real food, real meat, and real vegetables are better than a highly processed and a historically relatively new product that is made with its primary focus  being that of shelf live. 

- Paul, Mariana, Nick and Toby