Why Raw Dog Food is Important

Someone commented, what if my dog won't like it?  Dogs generally like fresh meat based food, but the point still needs to be that nutrition is the key objective of NRDF.  Our children would be quite pleased to have pop, pizza, and processed food all day long but it wouldn't be good for them.  We call our dogs fur babies for a reason, they are forever toddlers.  We need to make sure they get adequate nutrition, for the sake of their immediate health and their longevity. 

Please see the new video (under knowledge section) with seven vets commenting on the superiority of raw dog food over kibble or processed glop in a can.  There are trade-offs in nutrition.  If the focus is on food preservation there will be diminished nutrition.  

One vet says there is a direct correlation between a dog's health and longevity and diet and notes that many diseases of aging dogs are brought on by poor diet.  Perhaps, in the end, a dollar spent on superior food will be recouped in lower vet bills. 

I recognize that kibble and canned food is easier and cheaper.  But the case for the superiority of a fresh meat, vegetables and fruit diet over highly processed canned and packaged food isn't difficult to make.  

Ultimately, we want to sell NRDF through traditional retail channels.  We understand that brand confidence is achieved quicker by seeing a  product on a retail shelf or a retail freezer.  But at this point, we will continue to try and achieve reach on a shoestring budget, through social media and direct marketing.  

"Toonie Tuesdays" are being implemented shortly.  We realize that buying 12 or more containers of new dog food is a significant expenditure.  You can buy 8 oz containers for a special $2 price and try it out.  Please see the website for more details. 

All the best,

Paul, Mariana, Nick, and Toby.