The Safe Raw Dog Food

Currently, NRDF is Canada’s only safe raw dog food. NRDF is treated with HPP (High Pressure Processing). In a specialized high pressure water tank the bags of dog food are subjected to high water pressure (six times the pressure at the depth of the ocean).  This pressure, while not changing the composition or texture of the dog food, ensures that 99.9% of any potential food pathogens (E Coli, Listeria, Salmonella etc) are killed. 

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Any risks associated with handling raw meat are primarily borne by the humans handling it. Dogs have extremely powerful stomach acids and evolutionarily they have always eaten raw meat, some of it not in the best condition. While the risks to humans of handling raw meat that has been prepared in approved facilities are extremely low, NRDF seeks to establish the highest standards of both food quality and safety.  All NRDF is prepared in the same facilities as used for human meat preparation.

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